River Billiards manufactures it's own billiard tables.

Specially designed tables which are custom made.The use of Australian timbers features highly in our designs.Handcrafted methods of construction insure that every table made is perfect in appearence and preformance.

Solid timber constructed frame, which is planed by hand before slate is fitted. 

Solid hide leather and cotton net hand stitched to pocket bracket. 

Once the slate is attached to the planed frame the slate is ground to an absolute level playing surface.

Australian hardwood "spotted gum" timber cushions.

Cushion rubber cut using a template to insure that each pocket openning is identical.

World class Strachan cloth stretched tightly over slate bed ensuring maximum pace.

Cushion rubber and wooden shaped block fitted to a heavy timber cushion body for superior cushion performance.

River Billiards installs every table it makes to guarantee customer satisfaction.