River Billiards - For all billiard table repairs and removals.


Transporting a billiard table is a specialised task, if done incorrectly a billiard table can be easily damaged, especially the slate.

When we install a billiard table, great care is given to the levelling of the table, but also River Biliards brushes, irons, remarks and respots the cloth bed, and polishes the timber work, leaving the table looking new again ready for play.

We can also move a table from one site to another or organise interstate transport if needed.


It is very important that a billiard table is installed and kept in a level state. The massive weight of the slate bed should bear down upon the framework of the table equally throughout the whole surface of the frame. If the table is not level, the weight of the slate bears down on the frame in different areas, this uneven pressure may cause the frame to move and twist, if the table is left in such a state the slate begins to follow the frame and also move and twist, resulting in structural damage to the slate and frame of the table, which in most cases is unreparable.



Eventually pool and snooker tables start to suffer a bit of wear and tear. Good quality billiard cloth and rubber on a domestic table usually lasts 20 years.

Fitting new cloth to a table is carried out at the customer's address. River Billiards will travel to the table, dismantle the table, remove the existing cloth from the bed and cushions, clean down the slate, fit new cloth to cushions and bed of the table, brush, iron, spot and mark bed, check pockets, re-assemble the table ready for play, check and adjust the level of the table if required and retip any cues that need repair.

If a billiard table cushions need re-rubbering the cushions are generally taken back to the workshop, where the rubber and blocks can be properly shaped and fitted.

Other repair services River Billiards can supply are: restoration, polishing, general service or    re-placement of pocket nets and leathers.